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About Xpeda


When we couldn’t find a watch that truly reflects who we are and the life we live, we decided to create our own.

Our goal is to make watches for people who live like us. We work hard and play harder.

We love what we do and we don’t stop until we get things right.

We are not afraid to express ourselves and to stand out in the crowd. We think freedom is a necessity, not a luxury.

We are adventure explorers who travel to all corners of the globe to experience, to learn, and to be inspired.

We believe everyone should reach out for their dreams and make the most of every moment of their lives.

We don’t just think it. We live it. 

Our Creations 

We are absolute perfectionists when it comes to creating our watches.

We are big on details and even bigger on quality. We believe good is not good enough.

The materials and workmanship of our watches will always strictly comply with the highest standards.

We strive to put only top-notch quality pieces on your wrist, so we will never settle for less.

The Paulistano Way

It all began at our Brazil headquarters, situated right at the heart of Sao Paulo.

The mindset of our small team of designers and engineers is in line with Sao Paulo’s motto of ‘I am not led, I lead’ – we are creators, not followers.

Our designs are inspired by some of the best parts of our city – architecture, contemporary artworks, fashion and vibrant nightlife.

We want people across the globe to taste a bit of our lifestyle and culture whenever they wear our watches.


Welcome to Xpeda